Make Data-Driven Decisions

Through sophisticated financial modeling and reporting.

Centreville Consultants empowers companies and individuals to make informed, data-driven decisions through use of sophisticated financial modeling and reporting.  We are consultants based in Wilmington, Delaware specializing in financial modeling , analytics consulting, Excel, and quantitative analysis.

Work With Us

  • Do you want to make business decisions based on sophisticated methods but are unsure how?
  • Are you overwhelmed or lack the resources to properly synthesize the ever-growing data of your business?
  • Would you like to enhance your existing reporting to better communicate business performance?
  • Does your business lack robust metrics that properly gauge the health of your business?
  • Do you have existing models in place that you no longer trust in terms of accuracy?
  • Do you have quantitative tools that you suspect could run more efficiently or be made more dynamic?

Let’s Get Started.

Financial Modeling

Let us build a robust model that enables quantifiable, dynamic scenarios.


Work more efficiently through automated process.

Data Wrangling

Create scalability and ease of use within a massive dataset.